Switch to #PollinatePower today!

Pollinate Energy and Powershop have joined forces again for the #PollinatePower campaign.

This means that for every household that switches to Powershop, under our #PollinatePower campaign, Pollinate Energy receives a payment. Great, you say, but what does that mean to you?

I live in Victoria, New South Wales or South East Queensland and currently buy my electricity through another supplier.

Wonderful! All you need to do is to switch to Australia’s first 100% certified carbon neutral electricity retailer who have been ranked Australia’s greenest for two years running (Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide 2014 & 2015), by following the #PollinatePower link. As a result, you will get a fantastic energy provider and @PollinateEnergy will get a payment! We both win!

I live outside Victoria, New South Wales or South East Queensland.

Sorry, @Powershop has not arrived in your state…. Yet. But you can still help! Tell your friends and family about #PollinatePower, or simply, visit our website to see what other ways you can support Pollinate Energy.

I am already a @Powershop customer.

Unfortunately, you cannot switch again. But you can help get #PollinatePower message out! Tell all your colleagues, friends and family! Or simply, just share this post on your favourite social media platform.
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