Stronger together: Pollinate Energy merges with Empower Generation

We are thrilled to be joining forces with U.S.-based social enterprise Empower Generation, an innovative organisation dedicated to sustainably tackling the world’s most formidable energy challenges.

Our missions could not align better. Both Pollinate Energy and Empower Generation empower local entrepreneurs to establish sales and distribution businesses who serve the most marginalised communities, delivering life-improving products and meaningful income to people living in poverty.

Empower Generation’s model and impact to date is impressive. Launched in 2011, their distribution network includes 20 women-led businesses that manage over 250 sales agents, working as village level entrepreneurs and earning an income with every product they sell. As of December 2017, the network has distributed 57,000+ clean energy products, saving Nepalese families over $2,737,000 AUD in household energy expenses and displacing 12,861 tons of CO2 by replacing kerosene and candles. Empower Generation has impacted the lives of 294,626 people by providing them with cleaner, safer access to power, light, and cook stoves.

One exciting development for India will be adopting Empower Generation’s rural-based sales approach. This will allow us to reach remote families who are currently missing out on accessing our life-changing products. Together, we will reach millions faster and more efficiently, and be better placed to empower women to play a central role in the development of their communities and their families. This is critical when our model still currently relies on the support of generous donors to support our growth,” says Alexie Seller, who will remain as CEO for the new merged organisation.

Here is how the merger supports Pollinate Energy’s mission:

  • Expands our global reach and leverages Pollinate Energy’s distribution model to deliver life-changing products to millions living in poverty in India and Nepal.
  • Allows us to scale more efficiently, yielding greater financial and operational sustainability. Financially, we will accomplish this by combining our diverse consumer knowledge and providing consulting and licensing services. Operationally, we will streamline processes, supply chain, data collection and analysis, sales force recruitment, and leadership.  
  • Creates better support for our Pollinators, such as improved service and marketing support, a new 3-tier sales skill development program, access to international professional development opportunities, and the chance to join a global distribution network.
  • Enable women to thrive as leaders across our communities and organisation, through access to best-in-class diversity and inclusion practice.
  • Brings more power to customers living on a dollar per day or less through a rural-based sales approach that Pollinators will adopt to reach the remote markets where our customers hail from.

We have already restructured our governance, leadership, philanthropy, and operations teams and designed a combined strategic plan with exciting, concrete goals.

With your ongoing support, here’s what Pollinate Energy will look like by 2020:

Together we have empowered over 500 women through business training and meaningful employment, and delivered life-changing products to nearly 500,000 people. By joining forces, Pollinate Energy and Empower Generation are ensuring a brighter future for women and their families in the most marginalised communities.

To learn more about Empower Generation, check out their latest annual report and a TED talk by their Founder Anya Cherneff.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts about this exciting change here at Pollinate Energy and make sure to follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram and LinkedIn for live updates.

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  1. Peter Hansford May 28, 2018 at 3:21 am - Reply

    I am keen to help Pollinate and Empower expand into Sri Lanka through a social enterprise model based in Manna

  2. venkateshwarlu August 3, 2018 at 3:50 am - Reply

    Good services for poor people in there life lights and free pollutions our earth

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