We have reached 100,000 people!

We have hit a huge milestone with your support: having reached 100,000 of India’s most vulnerable people!

24-year-old Naga, a basket maker, has recently bought a Pollinate Energy solar light for his family of four. With his purchase, our Pollinators and city teams have changed the lives of 100,000 people – and we couldn’t have achieved this without your support.

“All I see around me is darkness. Buying kerosene for our lamp has been our only alternative for light at night.”

“The solar light will allow us to make more baskets to sell after dark, clean the house and utensils after cooking, and will keep insects and snakes away.”


Bangalore Pollinator Pankaja explaining the solar light to our 100,000th customer – Naga

Since Pollinate Energy started out in 2012, our Pollinators like Pankaja (pictured) have sold over 22,000 sustainable products, impacting the lives of 100,000 people and counting.

“I was thanked by many of the families that we serve, but I feel that I need to pass that thank you on! To all of you who have shared words of encouragement, donated or volunteered, and to our team who keep working day in and day out to make lives better,” says Alexie, CEO.

The story now continues, and it’s an incredibly exciting one. Our goal is to be operating in 20 cities by 2020. This growth will allow us to reach 1 Million people and become fully sustainable.

“We’ve reached 100,000 people, and we are so proud of our achievement. Now we are more focussed than ever to keep going, but to do that we need more Pollinators! If you haven’t yet done so, please consider donating to our campaign to help us grow our team and our reach.

Let’s improve another 100,000 lives together!

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