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Sun King Pico

Sun King Pico – the Solar Light that can light up the lives of others!

The compact, handy little sibling to the Sun King Pro.

Buy me and help light up the lives of families in India!

17 in stock (can be backordered)

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The Sun King Pico is a solar light that provides up to 72 hours of high power light after a single day of charge. Ideal for studying, home lighting and safe movement after dark. The Pico’s portable, single-body design is easy for children to use and built to withstand many years of drops, splashes and rugged use. For off-grid families and school children, Pico means ultra-affordable solar lighting for a better future.

Like all other Sun King lights, such as the SunKing Pro2, the Pico is well made. An intelligent charge controller ensures maximum charging from the sun, whilst protecting the LiFePo battery, itself an industry leading lithium design.

The smart stand is easily attached and detached, and allows the light to be used as a desk lamp or hanging lamp. The the light itself can also be hand held like a torch. With a robust polycarbonate body and basic weather proofing, the Pico will pay itself back painlessly when you don’t bang your head while fishing for a bottle of wine in the dark cabinet under the stairs.

How it works

It’s super simple, you just plug the panel into the back of the light (same plug type as standard ear-phones) and set the panel in the sun to charge. The cable connecting the panel and the light is approximately 5m long, so you can leave the panel outdoors and keep the light unit inside. The battery (housed within the light unit) charges up, and you can turn the light on and off easily with a click of the black button on the back side of the light. Very user friendly, even for a true technophobe!

Additional information


Single power LED > 130 lumens per watt, neutral color temperature


3000 mAh, 3.3 volt Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) battery

Solar Panel

500W, 4.7 volt thin film panel with aluminum frame and 5 meter wire


Polycarbonate & ABS IP64 rated, water-resistant enclosure

Light Beam

360-degree ambient wide-angle spread


Light: 110mm diameter, 50mm tall. Panel: 135mm x 115mm.

4 reviews for PRICE SLASHED: Sun King Pico – Solar Light

  1. Julia B – Melbourne

    “The Sunking Pico is a perfect camping&hiking accessory. I don’t have to worry anymore to take extra batteries and it’s small & lightweight to be carried along. It provides perfect light to prepare and enjoy dinner in the outdoors.”

  2. Ly G, South Australia

    “We have two Sunking Picos in our house and the kids absolutely love them. Our daughter who is 4 has replaced her ice cream night-light with a Pico light. Her little brother loves to play (and throw!) it around, but it’s so tough that it can withstand it. We just need to remember to recharge them (hence why we have two we can alternate ;-))”

  3. Martina de marcos

    The light works really well and its really practical. It charges really easy! I’m very happy.

  4. Jeremy Tan

    The Sunking Pico is perfect for use on the go or just at home. I personally use it as a bedside lamp as it is bright enough to use my laptop or read a book. I can also picture myself bringing this item out when I go tramping as well!

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