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A solid little solar light that is highly versatile as a stand-alone, handheld or head torch.

32 in stock (can be backordered)

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The SM100 is a solid little solar light that is highly versatile. It has a single 18 lumen LED light (two times brighter than kerosene), an integrated 50mA solar panel and long-lasting lithium ion battery. When fully charged lasts for 6 hours.

Great for camping and late-night walks, the SM100 is an affordable, tough solar light perfect for many applications. The light comes with an adjustable and detachable stand, that allows the light to be used as a desk or reading lamp. The light can also be hung from the ceiling, used as a handheld torch, and even attached to the included strap and worn as a head-torch.

With a robust polycarbonate body and basic weatherproofing, the SM100 is sure to be an essential for your next camping trip.

This is the newest addition to our range of products, and through purchasing one of these, over its lifetime will avoid creating roughly 1 tonne of CO2 from kerosene!

Additional information


Single power LED>18 lumens per watt.

Solar Panel

50mA integrated solar panel.


Light: 165 x 105 x 74 mm


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