People of Pollinate – A Story Book

$ 130.00

Photo Book

A full-sized 130 page coffee table book filled with the most incredible and captivating stories. The hopes and dreams of the families we meet in the urban poor communities, the lives and role of our Pollinators, and the lessons of the Fellowship teams.

This is our India.

“I am 12 years old and I’ve lived here for 10 years. I have fun in the slums playing volleyball with my friends. I want to be a software engineer!”

Siddhu, Hyderabad



Every person has a story, and what better way to tell it that through an amazing photo book. This book captures the adventures, faces, lessons, and understandings from a month spent in India with Pollinate Energy.

A must-have for your home or office to share the incredible India that we meet and love through our work.

About the book

132 full-colour pages, gloss finish

33 x 28 cm

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