Light up Mum’s Life

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This great gift pack includes our ever-popular Sun King Pro 2 and one of our gorgeous glass keep cups!  

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About this gift pack

Two of our favourite products bundled into an awesome gift pack, just in time for Mothers Day!

This great gift pack includes our ever-popular Sun King Pro 2 solar light and one of our gorgeous glass keep cups!

Show Mum how much she means to you with a gift not only for her, but also for families across India and Nepal! By purchasing any of our products you are directly helping us provide life changing products and increase our impact in the urban poor communities we serve.

The product specifics:

Sun King Pro 2

This environmentally friendly solar light lasts 36 hours on a full day’s charge. It comes with 2 USB ports for charging mobile phones, a handy stand for any situation and 3 brightness settings.

The smart stand is easily attached and detached and allows for ease of hanging over the bedhead for mum to read in bed, or on the bedside table.

An intelligent charge controller ensures maximum charging from the sun, whilst protecting the LiFePo battery, itself an industry-leading lithium design. Two LED indicators on the back of the light show the level of charge remaining in the battery and the strength of charge from the solar panel.

This awesome light is perfect for use in the home, garden or on camping trips. With a robust polycarbonate body and basic weatherproofing, the Pro2 is sure to come in handy in all situations!


Perfect for that much-needed caffeine hit! Within two weeks of using a KeepCup you earn back the resources used in its manufacture and for as long as mum is using it, you are helping to reduce waste from disposable cups. What more can we say?!

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 165 × 105 × 74 cm


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