A 100 Watt Smile!

$ 125.00

A 100 Watt Smile!

With this gift, you’re bringing light to a disadvantaged family living in one of India’s urban slums. This card represents a $125 donation to Pollinate Energy on your behalf.

Here’s how it works:

We will send you a card telling you how your donation is helping to light up lives!

You may also wish to gift this card to a friend – just enter their details and the shipping address and we’ll send it to them directly with a personalised message from you.

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Here’s how your gift will change lives:

We have already lit up the lives of tens of thousands of people living in India’s urban slums — families like Amresh’s.

Amresh operates a little restaurant in his community. With a solar-powered gift from Pollinate Energy, he is able to better prepare food and stay open for longer. Four months after purchasing the light, he has doubled his weekly income, so much so he can now provide sufficiently for his wife, two children and mother in one of Bangalore’s slum communities. The light has not only changed the lives of Amresh and his family, it has impacted a network of people. His restaurant is now a happy gathering place for his customers as they can see better after dark.

With your help, we can reach more families like Amresh’s, helping to bring light – and hope – to more families in India’s urban slums.