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Pollinate Energy KeepCups

Want to put a little buzz in your coffee? Grab one of our Pollinate Energy KeepCups and help us light up lives in India! Each KeepCup purchased will help us provide a family with access to sustainable energy. Within two weeks of using a KeepCup you earn back the resources used in its manufacture and for as long as you are using KeepCups you are helping to reduce waste from disposable cups.

Pollinate Energy KeepCups come in either regular or large size and are available in sleek looking glass. The perfect insulation means your beverage stays hot OR cold, whatever you need it to be.

Regular (8oz) Glass KeepCup: Gorgeous design for the coffee purist and to show off that expertly brewed latte – a must have for café quality coffee at the desk!

Large (12oz) Glass KeepCup: Why not step it up a level? This classy cup is big enough for an extra shot if you’re having that kind of day, but also the perfect size for a kick-start summer smoothie.

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