We’re One Big Family!

The Pollinate family spans multiple countries, languages and cultures. Most importantly we’re one big passionate group of people helping improve the lives of others.

Have you ever imagined the impact of our work on the daughter of a Pollinator in India, or the husband of an entrepreneur in Nepal? The sisters supporting each other to succeed or the father inspired?

Today we kick off our One Big Family campaign. Through to the end of 2018, we’ll share some of our family’s stories and explore the bigger impact your donation makes in their lives.

Your donation has a broader impact than you may realise.

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Meet Nar Kumari Pudasaini

Nar lives in Chitwan, Nepal. She cares deeply about her community and has always wanted to help, but found few people would listen to an uneducated woman. Following our business training, today she is a trusted leader providing her community with life-improving products such as solar lights and feminine hygiene products.

In the beginning Nar’s work wasn’t always easy. Many customers didn’t understand the value of the products she was trying to sell. Now they realize the value and many people come to her.

Our training and support has grown her business and her confidence, while providing a more comfortable life for Nar and her family.


Meet Rukhashana Parveen

Rukhashana joined us just over one year ago. She lives in Kanpur, India with her parents. As a mother of two children who attend pre-primary school Rukhashana became interested in working with us to become more independent, while still supporting her family.

Within five years Rukhashana wants to be earning enough money to ensure her children receive the best education and attend the best schools.

Not only do our customers’ families benefit from life improving products, many of our team member’s children have opportunities their parents only dreamed of.


Meet Laxmi Basnet

Laxmi lives with her family in Chitwan, Nepal. Her husband, like many men in Nepal, spent time working abroad to save, but when he returned to Nepal he had no job. Their children’s education is expensive and Laxmi was looking to make more money for her family.

Laxmi actively visits her local communities to make door to door sales and is skilled at gathering groups for product demonstrations. Today Laxmi’s husband also helps her selling products and together they have opened a shop to take their business to the next level.

Meet Sayyed Faheemunissa (Faheema)

Faheema lives in Hyderabad. After working as a security guard at an ATM and as a tailor for five years, she found the perfect job with us. The flexibility of her role means she can now balance work with taking care of her children and sending them to school on time.

Faheema is also utterly happy with the Children Education Loan we offer employees. After a year of her children missing their education, the loan enabled Faheema to pay the lump sum required to ensure her children could return to school.


By supporting our empowered workforce in India and Nepal you’re helping to realise our 2020 goal to reach 4,000 families every month with life improving products and economic opportunity.

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