Making waves: When small actions create a movement

Have you ever dropped a pebble into a still body of water, watched how it created a sequence of ripples and considered that small actions could, in fact, start a movement?

At Pollinate Energy, we remind ourselves of this lesson everyday and strive to create ripples of impact in every community we reach.


As individuals, we can have this impact. However, when we place people with the same drive and passion together, we can collectively generate a greater momentum of change.

Pollinate Energy is reliant on the support of such individuals coming together to create impact. They are our Pollinators, our local staff, our fellows on our programs.  They are also the people behind the scenes – the global network of desk-based volunteers who work in-between their own job and family commitments to help us seek new opportunities, and provide support for our operations.

The key team currently driving this support is the following super-crew. We want to take a moment to recognise their expertise and commitment. They are:

Jessica Vorreiter                       Loren Viswalingam                 Tao Van Wieringen                          Simon Liu

pollinate      pollinate     pollinate        pollinate

Recently, this crew successfully pitched for a community grant offered by Australian Ethical Super. Australian Ethical plays a crucial role in supporting organisations like our own who are committed to driving positive social change in Australia and abroad. Pollinate Energy would like to express our sincere thanks for this funding, which will support us to reach more communities living in poverty in India’s slum communities.

With the aid of this grant, we look forward to bringing light to the homes of thousands of new families, and we bring you along on this journey.

Want to know how you can help Indian slums? Check out our online shop, Fellowship Programs and how you can donate to fight poverty in India. Keep up to date with our progress on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our newsletter.

Feature Image by Pravin Tamang. 

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