Interview with Pollinate Energy CEO Alexie Seller

Listen to the latest interview with Pollinate Energy CEO Alexie Seller on ABC OVERNIGHT.

On February 21, Alexie spoke to Trevor Chappell about how we bring sustainable products like solar lights to people living in India’s slum communities – And how we’ve reached over 130,000 people to date! One of the talking points focused on how our sales people, called Pollinators, manage the distribution of products to thousands of families.

“A lot of what we’ve done is creating very sophisticated systems to manage [logistics] because [customers] are paying between 3 and 10 dollars (Australian) every payment, so that may be thousands of transactions a month in cash payments… That’s a lot to track and it’s partly building up those operations that has helped us to the scale to where we’re at now and to allow us to keep growing.”

Listen to the full interview to find out how we do what we do below.

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