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Indian Fellowship

for Indian nationals who are university students or professionals


Come and experience a deep dive into the new age of development, work on strategic business projects and make a difference to the lives of families living in India’s slums.

Indian Fellowship Overview

What is this program all about?

Designed to foster tomorrow’s leaders, Pollinate Energy’s Fellowship program brings together people from all backgrounds who have a passion for improving lives through social business models and environmentally sustainable solutions.

You will spend 2-3 weeks on the ground in one of our city offices with a team of aspiring changemakers from around the world who are keen to pursue a career that truly makes a difference. You will learn about the lives of families living in India’s slums and spend time interacting with them to understand their challenges and needs, and you will put that learning into practice as you work alongside our team on strategic projects that help improve our business.

Why should I do it?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, this program is right for you!

What will I be doing on the program?

Every day you and a group of 5-6 other Indian Fellows will travel into our office to meet with the international Fellows team who are staying at the office. As an Indian Fellow, you participate in all the same program activities as the international team, as well as helping them to understand the local culture and communicate with people in your city.

You and your team of Indian and international Fellows will undertake fieldwork and collaborate on projects that will help Pollinate Energy grow.

What does a day look like for a fellow?

Each day you work in small teams on a strategic project. The projects are determined closer to the program dates to match your skills and our needs, but examples of projects include:

  • Conducting community surveys and market analyses to recommend new product lines
  • Developing new branding and branding strategies and collateral to support our Pollinators to sell effectively
  • Sourcing and trialling new products in communities and seeking customer feedback
  • Mapping slum communities across the city and collecting customer data through interviews

The morning is largely office-based and the afternoons are spent out in the field with a small team of Fellows and sometimes a Pollinator. Together, you will find new communities, meet potential customers, speak to existing customers, and learn how to use and sell our products.

In addition, you will participate in personal and professional development sessions led by Pollinate Energy City Leaders. This is your opportunity to self-reflect, understand what truly motivates you, learn more about the social enterprise landscape and find your path forward.

Further Information

We don’t discriminate based on your field of study, but rather look for people who are driven by a sense of purpose and desire to make the world a better place. The program is competitive and better suited to students in their final years of university, but that’s more of a guideline than a rule. In your application, it’s important to focus on something you feel you have gone out of your way to achieve, whether that be personally, academically or professionally.

As an Indian Fellow there is no cost to you to participate in this program. This is a volunteer internship and so no stipend is provided. Your travel expenses to and from the communities will be reimbursed, but other expenses (travel to and from the office and lunches) must be covered by you.

We require that Indian Fellows are fluent in English, as well as the local language of your city:

  • Kannada (Bangalore programs)
  • Telugu (Hyderabad programs)
  • Bengali (Kolkata programs)
  • Hindi (Lucknow programs)

Once you are accepted into a program, you will be supported closely by the Pollinate Energy team to help you prepare for the journey. You will be hosted for a pre-program training session where you can meet the City Leaders, who will be running the program, and the other Indian Fellows. In this session you will learn more about our organisation, your role on the program, and the projects you will be undertaking.

Once the international Fellowship team has arrived, you will receive an additional training and induction where you will learn more about the products we sell, our operations, and all the important health and safety information for the program.

Throughout the program your City Leaders are always available if you have any other needs.

You will have Friday evenings and Saturdays off. We encourage our Indian and international Fellowship teams to spend time away from the office together during free time and explore the city. You may be called upon to recommend some good places to visit, thanks to your knowledge of the city, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you make a new group of friends during the program. We hope you enjoy showing them around and teaching them about Indian culture!

The program is run by Pollinate Energy’s City Leaders. Each City Leader has their own story to share and has been selected on their ability to lead inspiring and motivating programs to make sure you have the best possible hands-on experience in social enterprise.

Yes, a certificate will be provided at the completion of the program. If you need a recommendation, a local team member will be able to write one for you.

Yes, this is a full program which you must attend from start to finish.


Pollinate shaped my career in many ways. It gave me much clarity on profession, nurtured my interest & passions and connected me with right individuals among the strong alumni network. Career panel sessions, leadership days, community visits and rooftop beers are few of the many perks you get to experience. It gave me a significant professional uplift in the workforce but most importantly threaded a connection at the grassroot level of the cause. It is in its very own way fostering the next social entre and intrapreneurs of the world.

Surav Roy, Fellow 2015
Pollinate Energy helped me develop my career objectives within the context of India’s energy-demanding landscape… I have learnt a lot about social business, sustainability and business operations.
Amit Naik, Fellow 2013
I had just finished my studies in mechanical engineering and wanted to join the Indian Fellowship program to learn more about social business. To be able to work with an international team and learn from the experience of the co-founders was also really appealing.
Thufail Ismail, Fellow 2013

The fact that we were thrown right into the operations, made me feel I was actually making a contribution. The program gave me whole new perspective on life.

Prajay Singh, Fellow 2015

Blog Testimonial: Sagar Vinod

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