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City Leader

6 – 12 month roles


A unique opportunity to work with Pollinate Energy in country and support our growth by starting operations in new cities, running Fellowship programs, scouting new markets for us to enter, and/or building our capabilities at HQ and in our city offices.

City Leader Overview

Become a social entrepreneur

As a City Leader you will go on the wild ride of growing the operations of a social enterprise serving the bottom of the pyramid. We will provide all the training, systems and support you need to help Pollinate Energy grow, improve our sales and operations and run international Fellowship programs.

Grow an enterprise with long lasting sustainable impact

By building upon our successful social enterprise solution, you will directly change the lives of thousands of people in the city in which you work. Every day you will have a chance to meet and learn about the lives of people living in India’s urban slums while creating operations to best serve them. From providing lights to their children to study and attend school, to running behavioural change programs to teach families to use efficient cookstoves, you will witness the impact of your work every day.

Prove your skills as global leader

Today, global markets are calling out for professionals who can solve big problems in practical ways. As a City Leader you will do just that, by growing an enterprise that empowers people at the bottom of the pyramid, while gaining skills working in a lean, cross-cultural, digitally operated and decentralised team.

What will you do as a City Leader?

The role is extremely varied. You will be partnered with another City Leader and together you will work to achieve the goals of your city. Depending on which city you are in and what stage that city is at, your responsibilities may include:

  • Locate and startup the business in a new city: for those entering a new region, you will find a suitable headquarters, and set up the office.
  • Develop partnerships: you play a role in seeking out the best organisations to partner with to assist our start up in new regions and growth in existing regions.
  • Build local team’s capacity to manage the business: you will assist in the daily tasks of managing operations, finances, people and sales. You will also play a key role in training local staff and executing a successful hand-over once you complete your assignment.
  • Support Pollinators: recruit, train and manage local Pollinators. Meet the Pollinators to find out more about who they are.
  • Build a customer base: With Pollinators and fellowship programs, locate and survey slum communities in new cities.

Run programs: The Pollinate Energy Student and Professional Fellowship programs are core to business expansion, and provide you with resources, skills and idea you will need to scale this operation within your time in country. Together with your partner, you will lead these programs to guarantee tangible outcomes for Pollinate Energy and a great experience for the Fellows. You will receive training in this during your first month on the ground. Read more about our programs to see what they are all about.

Read about it first hand

Follow some of our former and current City Leaders

What are we looking for?

We are looking for the most passionate and capable budding entrepreneurs from across the world to come and work with us to expand our operations across new Indian cities and accelerate our growth. We are seeking early career professionals who want to volunteer their time for 6-12 months to be full-time City Leaders and have a lasting impact on the lives of people living in urban slums in India. Specifically we are looking for people with:

  • 3+ years experience working for a Business, NGO or start up
  • The role is in a small team away from our HQ operations. You’ll need to be able to work with minimal supervision, communicate clearly with your team members online, and manage projects and programs autonomously. We provide great resources and team support as well to help you achieve this.
  • Experience working in multidisciplinary or decentralised teams and strong time-management and organisational skills are a must.
  • Things change in a startup, especially one innovating in social enterprise! You need to be flexible and ready to roll with change, and to help us implement new processes in your local city.
  • This role will see you do a little bit of everything, from conducting formal meetings with partners one day, to putting out the rubbish the next – no fear of getting your hands dirty!
  • With a small team and loads of work, having a good attitude, a sense of humour and great interpersonal skills goes a long way!
  • Excellent problem solving abilities and experience executing difficult management tasks
  • Willingness to work closely with disadvantaged communities, and a passion for social business and transforming the lives of those who are most in need
  • Fluent in written and spoken English


A fundraising target of AUD 5,000 per City Leader. You will be supported in this process through contact with our fundraising team and alumni network, and access to materials and fundraising event ideas.

Benefits and support

  • Training: you will be connected with the current team to learn more about the role and answer all your questions prior to your arrival in India. Once you arrive, you will participate in a Fellowship program to understand how our programs operate, and then attend face-to-face training sessions in our Headquarters in Bangalore, where you will meet our HQ team and learn the ropes.
  • Travel Insurance: travel insurance will be covered by Pollinate Energy
  • Accommodation: you will have great accommodation in a large ‘Hive’ that will be your office and home for the year! The Hive in each city is a bustling place in a central location with all the amenities you need to be comfortable and take time out from your busy role.
  • Visas: visa costs will be covered by Pollinate Energy
  • Stipend: on top of these benefits, you will be paid a stipend of INR 7,500 per month for your daily food and expenses. Any additional spending on recreation or travel is to be funded by the City Leader.
  • Flights: City Leaders are expected to cover a single return trip flight to India.

Apply Now

We will be taking rolling applications and we will be filling the positions on a first-in, best-dressed basis. The best applicants will be interviewed by the Pollinate Energy team.

Open Positions

To learn more about prospective City Leader roles and other open positions in India Please click here.

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