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“I like working with Pollinate as it gives me opportunity of educating my children while empowering myself.”

Faheemunnisa joined Pollinate team during Jan 2018, after working at a retail cloth store and a security guard after being abandoned by her husband. She loves that Pollinate Energy gives her job security now with LLP in place and the financial independence she has got with Pollinate Energy. She is a busy working mother of two, striving to give best education and financial support for her family while she works as a tailor in free time.


“I like working with Pollinate as we get to work with an excellent team, a team like family and to help people light their homes during this process is what keeps me inspired to work with Pollinate Energy”

Mohit has joined Pollinate in December 2016 while studying Bachelor of Arts degree to support his family financially. Currently he is pursuing his final year Bachelor of Arts while working closely with the communities in Junior rank. Mohit likes to go to communities to make relationships with the customers which keeps him motivated.


“I like working at Pollinate Energy because I care about the people in the communities and they respect and care about me. First they are my friends, then they are my customers”

Amreen was Pollinate Energy’s second female Pollinator and the first Muslim Pollinator. She left school after tenth grade, married and started her family.

Amreen wanted to work at Pollinate Energy to be financially independent and so her sons could get a good education. Most of her income goes to their education. Amreen likes that her working hours are flexible so she can help
her sons with their homework.

Amreen has been working for Pollinate Energy for nearly two years and holds the record for selling the most solar lights in one day – 42!

“When people ask me is it difficult being a Muslim woman working in city slums I say we must never say that we cannot do this or that – especially if it is good work – if we wish to do it we can do it! When I learnt about Pollinate Energy’s work I said: yes – I can do it!”


“I like working with Pollinate as I love to travel and meet new people everyday, which is part of my job with Pollinate”

Kartick has joined Pollinate energy team at those cross roads, when the whole Kolkata team has been revamped. He takes very honor working with Pollinate to educate people in communities about sustainable energy solutions. He joined Pollinate in December 2017, when his carpenter business went down and he wanted financial support for running his family. Getting to talk to a lot of people along with his job is something keeps him motivated to work more.