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we are a motivated team who thrive on bringing life-changing products to the people who need them most
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Improve the lives of India’s urban poor

by giving them access to sustainable products that make their lives better.

Empower local Indian entrepreneurs

to be a positive force for change in India’s urban poor communities.

Make social business mainstream

by raising awareness about the communities we work with and supporting the next generation of social enterprise in India.


We have a vision of a world where all communities have equal access to life-changing products that improve their lives.

To get there, we have five key goals that we are striving to achieve:

  1. Expanding our solution to impact as many lives as possible
  2. Impacting families living in slums by providing life-changing products, and encouraging manufacturers and service providers to work with us in achieving this mission
  3. Creating a movement of social leaders through our Fellowship programs
  4. Being the #1 place to work, because we recognise that our people are our biggest asset
  5. Creating growth paths for our Pollinators to enable them to take on new challenges


But it’s not just about what we aim to do, it’s also about how we do it. We have very clear values that we use to make decisions, build our strategy, and drive our company. These values were developed together with our entire team at Pollinate Energy. Here they are!

  • We are accountable to ourselves, the people we seek to serve, and our stakeholders
  • We ensure that our solutions are sustainable, practical, and have an ultimate objective to improve the lives of the urban poor
  • We are open to doing things differently to achieve the best outcome for the communities we work in and for our partners
  • We act ethically and without ego, understanding that criticisms are best taken seriously, not personally
  • We are collaborative and inclusive at all levels of our enterprise
  • We actively break down silos and value consensus driven decisions
  • We are transparent and open-source, bringing ideas both from the ground up and the top down
  • We listen to the voices of our customers and Pollinators when making decisions

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