Our #24HOURPOWER matched fundraiser on May 30th will help us get closer to our goal of empowering 1000 women!

We’re launching a 24-hour all-or-nothing fundraiser on May 30th that sees every dollar donated by the public quadrupled.

Together with our new partners at Empower Generation, we have already reached over 500,000 people with sustainable products like solar lights across India’s urban slums and Nepal’s rural villages. Now we are fundraising to provide meaningful work to 1000 women.

Meet Rekha. A Bangalore local, Rekha joined Pollinate Energy in 2014. Since then, her role as a Pollinator not only provided her with a reliable income, but also with new skills and increased confidence.

“When I started working with Pollinate Energy I was very shy, but now I have a lot more confidence when I visit my customers and communities,” says Rekha.

Like her 200+ colleagues across India and Nepal, Rekha goes from community to community distributing life-changing products on affordable payment plans.

With the funds raised during the all-or-nothing 24-hour campaign, we will recruit, train and support 1000 women to lead our distribution network by 2020.

“We know the business skills women develop in their work with us increases their financial independence, respect in their community, and decision making power in their homes.” says Pollinate Energy’s CEO, Alexie Seller.

The fundraising goal for the #24HOUR POWER campaign is $40,000. Every donation will be QUADRUPLED thanks to matching partners.

Can you help us amp up our impact in Nepal and India!? 

Donate to Pollinate Energy on May 30 at www.charidy.com/pollinateenergy

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