Bringing life-changing products to people who need them most




Improve the lives of India’s urban poor

by giving them access to sustainable products that make their lives better.

Empower local Indian entrepreneurs

to be a positive force for change in India’s urban poor communities.

Make social business mainstream

by raising awareness about the communities we work with and supporting the next generation of social entrepreneurs.


What do we mean by social business? Social business is not a new concept, and in fact it’s how most businesses first came about. It’s simply a business which is developed in order to service a social need. Put another way, it’s a financially self-sustainable organisation with a purely social agenda.


How exactly does our business model work?   Our business is enabling access to sustainable technologies. We do social good by targeting groups of people that otherwise have no access to these technologies, by making the technology affordable, and by remaining fully accountable to the customer and ensuring that the products are fulfilling their purpose. We also work with our communities to better understand their evolving needs, so that they always have access to the right products for them.


Who are they and what is their role? The Pollinators are local Indians with an entrepreneurial spirit. Through Pollinate Energy, they get the opportunity to start their own business operating in urban slum communities all over the city, forming the backbone of our micro-distributor network. However, Pollinators are much more than just a conveyor of goods, often forming very close relationships with their communities. In order to get a new Pollinator off a running, we provide them with a Business in a Bag. This is essentially a tool kit that the Pollinator always has access to, providing them with everything they need, from simple things like a transport allowance, to the more complex, like smart phones with a Salesforce cloud management system.


What types of products do we offer?

Pollinate is dedicated to offering products that best suit our customer’s needs. When we trial a new product or product line, we will always give demos to some of our existing customers to use and test in their own time. We then take into account their feedback, as well as consider durability, affordability, supplier relationship and more, before deciding to incorporate a product into our business.




How are we performing? Pollinate produces real and tangible results. We regularly visit the communities we work in and we see that customers are actually using the products they have purchased. The benefits are many and varied, such as improvements to personal well-being, positive environmental impacts, building awareness, and creating local business opportunities.  

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